Janine Trinidad

Welcome to the Altar'd Space a.k.a Biyaya Yoga!

Biyaya (bee-yah-yah) is the Tagalog word for Grace and Blessing and is what inspires their movement and healing practice. Janine’s beloved mother is named Grace and the namesake is a sweet nod and offering of gratitude to the divine feminine, sacred lineage and ancestral blessing. (And it’s so much fun to say!)

Please join in creating this virtual gathering space, beaming to you from La Jolla, CA, to be a place of Peace, radical wisdom, and divine communion.

All classes are donation-based, unless listed otherwise, and offered through Zoom. Register by clicking the link below and the log-in link will be sent to you via email.  Grab some water, a journal, blocks and blankets, and I’ll meet you on the mat!

These programs are made possible by your kind and generous contributions.  Suggested offering for a single drop-in class is $25/ea, or less for continued support and attendance.  No one turned away for lack of funds.  Donation links for teachers below.

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Meet The Teachers

Janine Trinidad

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Janine Trinidad’s yogic path is one of continual folding and unfolding unto itself, and she finds it ever expanding outwardly in colorful spirals.  Her physical practice began through dance, but having experienced some injury and imbalance (as life often offers) she found yoga to be a welcoming practice that allowed her to find harmony, wholeness and a safe place to explore deeper connections in her body.  What she didn’t expect was yoga to offer her a profound relationship to her life purpose through teaching and healing.  For Janine, yoga invites each individual into the heartfelt space of divine collaboration between mind and body, and between individual and universal.  Really, yoga simply invited into her life, more growth and more fun!Read more…

Janine’s dynamic and conscientious, yinyang approach to asana allows students to discover their own authentic synergy, rhythm and voice through movement, be it fast or slow, external or internal. Each class with her is a sweet journey through caverns and skies intending you to feel the simple joy of being in this embodied human experience.  Being a Reiki Master, Janine offers a unique perspective to working with energetics and the subtle body systems and lends gentle guidance through compassionate touch.

Cara Smith

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Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, Cara grew up dancing (as soon as her legs would allow!), and has trained, performed, and practiced ever since. Once older, she quickly found her way into teaching dance, then moved to San Francisco in 2012, attending classes at ODC and City Dance.

Once in San Francisco, she soon longed for a more spiritual journey and, after some convincing from many close friends, she tried her first Vinyasa class and immediately fell in love – nothing aside from dance had ever made her feel that way and she was hooked! She soon began a regular practice and teacher training at the lovely Laughing Lotus in the Mission, and is now sharing the beautiful truth of yoga with our world.

Mary Mailhot

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Mary Mailhot is a Musician, Dancer, Reiki Master Teacher and Kundalini Priestess. She has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. Her first training started at Kripalu Yoga School in Berskshire MA. She is trained in Hatha, Anusara and Kundalini. She is a musician and has two albums out, Moon Dream and La Mer. They can be found on Bandcamp.  She teaches her Yoga classes and Reiki Trainings from her home, Laughing Lotus and at Biyaya Yoga. She is so excited to be sharing her Energetica Classes at Biyaya!

Energetica (Breath, Move, and Sing) is a vibrant blend of Kundalini, movement/ dance warm-ups, Kriya and singing.Read more…

We will warm up with breath work (pranayama), and move with grace, fun, ease and love into a Kriya. This may include some singing, some dancing and shaking it out. We will close with a delicious shivasana, with healing sound currents and mantras. We will close the class with a mediation, and a song to sing together. Allow your energy to connect you to your eternal Soul. You are infinite and beautiful.

Jessica Stephenson

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Jessica Stephenson came to Pilates and yoga asana as a professional dancer looking for cross-training. After graduating from Goucher College with a B.A. in psychology, Jess trained with Joseph Pilates’ world-renowned protégé, Romana Kryzanowska at True Pilates New York, (formerly Drago’s). She was certified in 2004 after a rigorous apprenticeship of 600+ hours under the tutelage of both Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter Sari Mejia-Santo. There she learned to work with ALL different body types and abilities. When she landed at 16th & Valencia in October 2008, she was introduced to Laughing Lotus Yoga through friends and quickly fell in love with the physicality and flow of the dance-like sequencing. She found her neighborhood yoga studio. What she didn’t expect to find was the welcoming community and spiritual hOMe that yoga created. Yoga was THE place she felt she could live her most authentic expression(s) as a human. Read more…

She felt accepted, safe, and free to move like herself as she laughed, cried, grunted, and fell off balance from time to time. Jess felt called to deepen her yogic knowledge beyond asana and signed up for the 200-hour Laughing Lotus Teacher Training in 2017. Another layer of self-discovery was uncovered as she was awakened by these deep healing practices. Under the mentorship of Alexandra Crow, Jess found Yin-Yoga and dove deeper through the inner landscapes of her physical, energetic, and emotional bodies. She completed Laughing Lotus’s 50-hour Yin and Yoga Nidra training in April 2019 as well as a 25-hour restorative yoga training with Alexandra Crow, Janine Trinidad, and Genevive McClendon in August 2019. Although Jess has always been a little “itchy” about stillness and meditation, she continues to cultivate self-acceptance, love, and the courage to act in alignment with her Soul’s purpose through yogic practices. She is forever grateful for the spiritual sanctuary and refuge that yoga offers and bows humbly to Jasmine Tarkeshi and all the teachers, students, and friends who enliven her vibrant community. As an educator of dance and Classical Pilates for over 15 years, Jess is excited to include yoga in her somatic offerings. Jess has a keen eye for movement and alignment, and creates a safe, healing space where people come as they are, without judgment.


Zoom is an app and website that hosts our ability to meet in the ethereal cyber world.  It is free to download or log in to through a web browser and having a zoom account is not required.

Yes, only if you allow.  Everyone has different comfort levels with sharing video and whatever yours happens to be is accepted and honored here.  Before entering the virtual classroom, Zoom will give you the option to turn off your video.  So you can practice and join the group and still enjoy some privacy. You can also choose a virtual or blurred background in case you want to hide your background but still have your face seen.  These options are available at anytime through Zoom.

If you see an icon that says “Join Audio” please click this button and select your preferred connection method.  We suggest using internet audio.  

All classes in this space are held intentionally and warmly.  Really any amount that you give is well appreciated and will be placed on our virtual altar.  Please give what you feel called to give and intending to balance the energy exchange.

Yes!  There are a few things you can do to ensure a great Biyaya experience:
  1. Plug in your devices!  Whether you’re logging in through a PC, Mac, Tablet or phone, be sure it is connected to a power source.
  2. Make sacred space.  Clear some space for lots of movement and gather your props.  We suggest gathering blankets, pillows, yoga blocks, towels, or anything else you have available.
  3. Introduce yourself to the teacher before or after class.  All of us here at Biyaya are devoted to holding space in a way that is intentional, accepting and loving.  We can best serve you and your specific needs the more we can get to know you.  Teachers are generally available in the virtual classroom about 10 minutes before and after class times.
  4. Give back to your teachers and complete the energy circle!  All donations go directly to the teacher.  Any amount or trade offering is a great blessing, so please give what you feel called to.

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